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Verifying the True Jitter Performance of Clocks in High-Speed Digital Designs

  • Measuring the Phase Noise
  • Weighting the Phase Noise
  • Integrating the Weighted Phase Noise

Application Note Overview 

Measuring jitter for clocks in high-speed digital designs has become increasingly challenging. PCIe 5.0, for example, uses data rates of up to 32 gigatransfers per second (GT/s) with a corresponding jitter limit of 150 fs (RMS) for the reference clock. Data rates of 64 GT/s are introduced with a 100 fs jitter limit for the reference clock in the latest PCIe 6.0 specification. As the data rates in high-speed digital designs increase, the limits for overall system jitter become tighter. Due to their high phase noise sensitivity, phase noise analyzers are the instruments of choice for these tests.

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