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Bringing Efficiency and Power Density to Electric Vehicle Onboard Chargers through Silicon Carbide

  • Silicon Carbide for Higher Switching Frequencies
  • SiC−based OBC Design
  • Load Balancing

White Paper Overview 

EV manufacturers have been increasing battery pack capacities and moving toward 800-Volt systems to extend driving range. However, the traditional 6.6 kW onboard charger (OBC) can take more than 12 hours to charge the larger EV battery. To address this trend, OBC designers must increase OBC power levels up to 22 kW at higher efficiency, meet higher voltage bus requirements without increasing switch component count, and deliver higher power densities along with lower system weight. But the performances of traditional silicon-based Super Junction MOSFETs and IGBTs Silicon fall far short of delivering on new design aspirations.

Read this white paper to find out how you can use higher voltages and switching frequencies, achievable with onsemi’s 1,200 V EliteSiC Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET modules, to meet your OBC design goals.

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