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Advanced Industrial Motor Control for Increased Power Efficiency

  • Motor Power Efficiency at the System Level
  • Using PIMs and IPMs
  • IGBT and SiC Technologies
  • Development Kit Resources

White Paper Overview 

Download this white paper to learn how to tackle the challenges of boosting efficiency in industrial motor control system designs.

Optimized design of industrial motor control systems has a direct impact on power efficiency, which in turn has a huge impact on global electric power consumption. This brings advantages in both global energy efficiency and lowering lifetime operating costs.

This paper dives into how motor power efficiency can be optimized by your motor control system design. It looks at the different types of industrial motors, and how module solutions such as IPMs and PIMc can reduce system design time. Also explored is the role of the latest discrete solutions such as IGBT and SiC technologies in these applications, along with how to leverage key development resources to speed up your design time using modular solutions.

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