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Compact and Efficient Automotive Radar Sensor Testing

Webinar Overview 

Testing automotive radar sensors function and performance is a continual process during development and certification. Historically, accurately quantifying parameters such as angular and range resolution and accuracy, required considerable investment in test resources, involving bulky, expensive and inflexible systems.

Now, a new approach is available to radar sensor developers which offers low barrier to ownership, can be customized exactly to current needs and is fully expandable to future requirements. Join this webinar to find out how the capabilities of the game-changing fully-electronic R&S radar test system can be utilised in a physically-compact benchtop form defining a new level of cost efficiency whilst expandable to encompass any future radar object simulation scenario.

Don’t miss this webinar that shows how everyone from a start-up radar developer to a well-established testing service provider can access the most advanced automotive radar testing solution on the market.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Automotive radar technology trends such as MIMO
  • Test considerations for object simulation
  • The possibilities of benchtop radar sensor testing
  • Practical demonstration

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