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X1/Y1 Class Safety Certified Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Datasheet Overview

Introducing X1/Y1 Safety Certified Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors. Unique design and form factors meet X1/Y1 Agency Requirements in SMD package. In this white paper from Holy Stone, learn about the X1/Y1 MLCCs at 250Vac, 300Vac, and 400Vac classes. Capacitance values of 100pf to 1800pf are available as X7R T.C., and 10pf to 100pf as NPO, in 3906, 4007, and 4012 sizes to cover the available capacitance ranges. These devices are specifically designed to replace through-hole safety disc capacitors while still meeting industry and agency standards and creepage requirements. Advantages include reduced PCB real estate and height, reduced assembly costs, and the elimination of manual and automatic lead-forming operations before PCB assembly processes.


  • Suitable for reflow and wave soldering
  • Tape & reel packaging for automatic insertion
  • RoHS compliant and Lead (Pb) free
  • Certification by UL E300818, TUV R50556303, and CQC 22001362296
  • Available with Superterm® flexible/soft termination
  • Available with proprietary arc prevention coating (X7R only)

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