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Sensorless Direct Torque and Flux Control with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors


  • What Is Direct Torque and Flux Control
  • Direct Torque and Flux Control Start−Up
  • Low−Speed and High−Speed Operation

White Paper Overview 

onsemi’s ECA640A motor controller utilizes Direct Torque & Flux Control (DTFC) firmware from Theta Power Systems International (TPSI) to achieve efficient implementation for fixed-point and floating-point processors. DFTC eliminates the need for physical sensors and has low-speed and high-speed operations that make it ideal for a variety of applications. This white paper discusses how to implement and tune ECA640A with TPSI’s DTFC to increase your system’s accuracy and reliability. Other features such as scalability, universal control, MTPA, and MPTV are also discussed.

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