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Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery

The more your data and applications traverse an increasingly interconnected infrastructure of on-premises, public cloud and multicloud environments, the more ways cyberattackers can disrupt the continuity of your business. The complex nature of hybrid multicloud environments exposes your critical data and system configurations to higher levels of risk than ever before, so much so that the likelihood of a successful cyberattack has become an absolute certainty. No matter how vigilant your IT security team may be, a cyberattack will eventually lead to a business disruption in the form of an outage, data theft or data corruption—causing reputational damage and financial fallout.
In the not-too-distant past, traditional disaster recovery solutions could be counted on to help mitigate the damage of most conventional cyberattacks. But that was long before hybrid multicloud environments were a reality. While IT infrastructures have grown in complexity, cyberattackers have grown more sophisticated, too. Data encryption and malware attacks are now being designed to target data backups in ways that were once unimaginable. As a result, these attacks are gaining access to backup and disaster recovery locations, leaving both primary and backup data unusable and significantly delaying the ability to restore production-level operations.
Kyndryl Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery minimizes the business impact of cyberattacks with its fast, reliable and scalable recovery across hybrid multicloud environments.

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