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Hybrid Multicloud Data Center Services from Kyndryl

Organizations today face an increasing need to innovate and adapt to meet rapidly changing business needs and market demands. Digital transformation is no longer a choice; it is a fundamental business strategy to leverage the changes and opportunities in the marketplace.
Digital transformation increases IT complexities due to hyperconvergence of environments (including on-prem legacy, private cloud, public cloud, and colocation) and heterogeneity of platforms and interfaces. Dynamic business requirements and the increasing complexity can put tremendous strain on data centers and challenge IT leaders to re-evaluate their data center (DC) strategy realign it to their business goals.
But organizations struggle to create data center resources that drive—rather than act as barriers to—innovation. Many lose business due to lack of skilled staff. Building an adaptive data center strategy that can respond to future capacity and availability needs as well as technology changes requires specialized skills, experience, and enabling tools. Any missteps and incorrect decisions along the way can lead to unplanned downtime, increased risk of cyberattacks, and subpar implementation of your digital transformation initiatives.

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