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The Astonishing Financial value

The saying “time-is-money” is cliché. That doesn’t make it any less true. Most IT professionals intuitively understand there’s a relationship between time and money. They rarely see the storage system correlation.
Storage performance, density, flexibility, and availability all have a major impact on the one non-renewable resource of time. Time directly correlates to money. But generally, when it comes to the storage used by their applications they tend to look only at the price/performance. Not cost/performance. Opportunity costs are not included in that cost/performance calculation either.
Storage performance, density, flexibility, and availability are proving to be crucial drivers in how they affect both time and money. The financial value is surprisingly large. Readers of the paper will learn more about the correlation between time and money. More importantly, readers will learn how the highly innovative Pavilion HyperParallel Data PlatformTM radically saves enormous amounts of both time and money. More than any other storage system in the market today.

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