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Solving the Challenge of Growing Datasets with Splunk

It is fairly common to hear that the IoT revolution has resulted in the creation of massive volumes of data. This is certainly true and the reality is that we are only at the beginning of this trend. Next generation technologies have started to unleash an avalanche of data creation that will dwarf what we have seen in the past.
Sensor data, machine logs, drone images, autonomous vehicles, websites, smart devices, and all of the other machines that are increasingly part of our daily lives are generating unprecedented volumes of data. All of that data has to go somewhere so that it can be managed, analyzed, and turned into actionable information. As the number of these devices continues to grow, the challenge of efficiently turning growing volumes of machine created data into something that is human comprehensible and enabling people to make decisions and act upon that information will only get worse. This is where Splunk comes in.

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