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How to Fill More Orders With Less Labor

Why Mobile Scanning is Easier Than You Think Ecommerce sales grew an incredible 44% in 2020 according to estimates from Digital Commerce. Yet, the percentage of overall sales coming from commerce channels has been on the rise for years even before the shutdowns brought on by COVID-19. And ultimately, it’s up to warehouses and fulfillment centers to deliver on those orders and to do so with increased efficiency and accuracy in order to grow profits and ensure customer satisfaction.
You can imagine that, if you’re running on pen and paper or spreadsheets, this growth could be crippling. And we know today’s consumer is unforgiving—if you don’t have a product in stock, you ship the wrong item or have shipping delays, they’ll just go somewhere else.
Despite the fact that barcodes are easy to create, only about half of businesses are using mobile scanners in their warehouses and fulfillment centers today. For small businesses, it may seem like an aspirational goal— something to strive for when they are bigger. But the reality is mobile scanning is easy and inexpensive to adopt and you will likely benefit from it far earlier than you may expect.

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