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App Monetization Industry Outlook

What does the future of app monetization look like? And what should mobile gaming businesses focus on now to get there? 
2021 has brought immense change for mobile game businesses — iOS updates, the continuation of pandemicinfluenced spending behaviors and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Facebook Audience Network has taken a closer look at how these shifts impact monetization across various parts of the in-app economy.
Intense in-market competitThis App Monetization Industry Outlook presents our point of view. We’ll talk about the current state of app monetization and some of the exciting possibilities through 2025. Then, we’ll offer practical recommendations for businesses looking to create sustainable monetization now while they build toward the future.ion and lack of insights have slowed global expansion plans for some publishers. But for those who have successfully surmounted the challenges, global expansion has resulted in a significant growth opportunity.
In developing our forward-looking App Monetization Industry Outlook, we talked with 25 thought leaders from across the industry including ad tech business executives, industry analysts, game publishers and other leaders in this space.

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