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Leveraging System-on-Modules in Vision Inspection Systems for Automation

  • Vision System Process
  • Data Analysis and Results Feedback
  • Role of SOMs

White Paper Overview

In a modern manufacturing plant, there are a wide range of machines continuously moving, making, and assembling products. The days where machines simply follow instructions are gone; today, they think, decide, and execute with detailed precision. This transformation centers around tools, such as vision systems, automated test equipment, and many other machines, that perform with micrometric accuracy. However, achieving these standards comes with new challenges. Technology strives to achieve more in less space, continuously adding connected devices, and incorporating real-time decision-making. Nonetheless, these challenges pave the way for precision tools to set the gold standard in automation.

Read this paper to learn how vision inspection systems are utilizing Laird Connectivity’s system-on-modules to introduce artificial intelligence, wireless connectivity, and network security into factories.

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