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The Era of Automation: Becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise

There are five key steps to becoming an autonomous digital enterprise – but IT can’t tackle them all at once.
The modern enterprise must “run and reinvent” simultaneously to remain competitive. That means making the shift to become an autonomous digital enterprise. But what does that require? Find out in “The Era of Automation: Becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise”, from CIO and BMC. The report outlines the five fundamentals for digital transformation and the steps necessary to achieve them, including how to:
  • Increase agility and autonomy through automation everywhere
  • Become more customer-centric with enterprise DevOps
  • Simplify complex data pipelines for faster, deeper insights
With detailed analyst recommendations, industry statistics, and case studies from companies like Navistar, Unum, and CARFAX, this report is a must-read for any IT leader to learn how they should prioritize and unify their top initiatives for maximum speed and impact.

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