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Feature Flags Best Practices eBook

Sponsored by: Split
Published by: Research Team
Released: Aug 11, 2021

Advanced Tips for the Continuous Delivery Product Team Whether you want to fine-tune operational control or conduct A/B testing, feature flags make it easy to deliver software features quickly and safely. With this practical book, developers will learn eight best practices for using feature flags in production, including how to configure and manage a growing set of feature flags within your product, maintain them over time, manage infrastructure migrations, and more.
Pete Hodgson and Patricio Echagüe from Split demonstrate how feature flags help modern product delivery teams reduce risk by decoupling code deployment from feature release. You’ll learn how to maintain flag consistency in different scenarios and how to develop, test, and work with feature flags at scale.

Flagship is a two-day virtual conference for innovative software development leaders—product managers, data scientists, and engineering leaders. Join us to explore how feature flags and experimentation speeds up software development, makes releases safer, and delivers features with impact. We’re building the future of feature delivery together. Don’t wait, save your seat now!

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