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Improve EMI Testing Accuracy and Speed with Wideband Time Domain Scan

  • The Importance of Accurate EMI Receivers
  • Factors for FFT Based TDS
  • Difficulties in Finding the Right Spectrum Analyzer Sweep Time
  • New R&S®ESW Wideband Option
  • Application Benefits of R&S®ESW Wideband Testing
  • Wideband FFT versus Standard TDS

White Paper Overview 

Unlocking compliance and efficiency in EMI testing is pivotal for seamless product development. Traditional methods falter in capturing intermittent interference, risking non-compliance with stringent standards. Delve into the transformative power of FFT-based time domain scans, surpassing limitations of stepped scanning. Discover the cutting-edge R&S®ESW EMI test receiver, revolutionizing EMI testing across commercial, military, and automotive sectors. As dictated by CISPR, the beacon of EMI testing standards, adherence to CISPR 16-1-1 is paramount, resonating across diverse product standards and regulations. Ensure your products meet the mark with precision and reliability.

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