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How High Precision GNSS Enables New Automotive Applications

  • Principle GNSS Error Sources
  • How GNSS Correction Data Is Calculated and Transmitted
  • Test Solutions for High Precision GNSS

Poster Overview 

The typical positional accuracy provided by standalone GNSS is 3-10 meters, which is suitable for automotive applications such as navigation and emergency call. With the emergence of high precision GNSS, able to mitigate the influence of errors, sub-decimeter positional accuracy is possible and it becomes usable for more advanced applications such as C-V2X and autonomous driving. Naturally, to be applicable for these safety-critical applications, other preconditions such as availability and data integrity must also be met.

This poster shows the different types of error sources and explains how high precision GNSS calculates and transmits error correction data to vehicles, enabling new automotive applications for GNSS.

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