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EliteSiC M3S Technology for High−Speed Switching Applications

  • M3S Silicon Carbide Technology and Portfolio
  • Electrical Characterization, Parameters and Figure of Merit Comparison Results
  •  OBC and HV DC/DC Converters

White Paper Overview 

Discover the future of power converter design with onsemi’s cutting-edge 1200 V SiC MOSFET M3S technology.

This white paper explores the advantages of of onsemi’s silicon carbide (SiC) technology, emphasizing their high efficiency and power density. With superior dielectric breakdown strength and thermal conductivity, SiC devices enable the development of more efficient and compact power converters. The article discusses the key parameters of low RDS(on) and body diode reverse recovery charge, showcasing how onsemi’s M3S technology excels in high-speed switching applications such as OBC and HV DC/DC converters, leading to space-saving designs, reduced heat dissipation, higher efficiencies, and lighter power converters compared to the technologies currently available in the market.

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