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Designing DC Fast Charges (DCFC) for Efficiency, Reliability, and Safety

  • Fast and Ultra−Fast Charges
  • Anatomy of a DCFC
  • DCFC Key Design Considerations
  • SiC−based Modules
  • System−Level Simulation Tools
  • Advanced Charging Architectures
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)

White Paper Overview 

Charging time is a major consideration for consumers and businesses when assessing the feasibility of investing in electric vehicles (EV). To reduce charging time, the industry is turning to DC fast chargers (DCFC). DCFC bypass an electric vehicle’s on−board charger to provide higher power directly to batteries and substantially reduce charging time.

To achieve faster charging, accommodate higher EV battery voltages, and improve overall power efficiency, DCFC must operate at higher voltages and power levels. This creates a challenge for OEMs as they must design an architecture that optimizes efficiency without compromising reliability or safety.

Download this white paper and learn key design considerations that impact component selection and how to optimize high power DC charger architecture to provide the highest efficiency, reliability, and performance.

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