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Design Challenges and Considerations for Brushless DC Motors and Their Drives

  • BLDC Motors – A Closer Look
  • Controlling the BLDC Motor
  • Vector or Field Oriented Control
  • Qorvo BLDC Motor Control Solutions

Application Note Overview

The efficiency of brushless DC motors has made them the ideal choice for applications where small size, low weight, controllability and high torque are also desirable, such as in appliances, power tools and a wide range of industrial and consumer uses. The implementation of an ultra-high performance BLDC motor controller is now quick and easy across a wide range of applications in the industrial and consumer markets, de-risking the design process and improving time-to-market. This application note will discuss various motor types and compares their characteristics. The paper ultimately takes a closer look at BLDC motors and solutions for how to control them. 

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