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Demystifying Three-Phase Active Front End or Power Factor Correction (PFC) Topologies

  • Advantages of Three−Phase Systems
  • Key Areas of Consideration When Designing a Three−phase PFC
  • Three−phase PFC Topologies

Application Note Overview 

Three−phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems (or also call Active Rectification or Active Front−End systems) are becoming of great interest, experiencing a sharp increase in demand in recent years. This article introduces the key advantages of three−phase systems and dives into the essential design considerations for a three−phase PFC. Furthermore, it presents the most common three−phase PFC boost topologies in the market, and discusses their pros and cons. Overall the article provides guidance on how to approach a three−phase PFC design from scratch and on the suitability of the different topologies based on the application requirements.

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