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The Future of Trust in the New Security Culture

Sponsored by: Mulesoft
Published by: Research Team
Released: Aug 5, 2021

Digital everywhere means that digital trust is more important than ever. This is transforming businesses in terms of both culture and operations, with organisations reevaluating how and where they work, and striving to provide an enhanced customer experience.
The end-to-end delivery framework has three aspects:
  • Cyber– managing the threat actors attempting to cause loss or impact your information and digital assets
  • Data– protecting the value of data you store
  • Technology– establishing a resistant technology environment that’s aligned with business objectives
Watch the webinar to find out more about the Economy of Trust.
When organisations master the core strategic and operational elements of digital trust, enormous and measurable value is achieved, with the benefits felt by all stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors and employees.
So how are businesses approaching digital trust? A PwC survey showed 96% of organisations plan shifts in their cyber strategy as a result of COVID-19. Forty per cent are focusing on the acceleration of digitisation plans, while half plan to bake cyber security and privacy into every business decision. We’ve also seen the emergence of the Digital Trust Officer, a critical role with responsibility for understanding the business and legal aspects of trust, while promoting the importance of identity, security and privacy in the wider enterprise.

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