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Performance Uplift for High-End Edge Computing Platforms with the Latest Intel® Xeon® D-2800 and D-1800 Processors

  • Advanced edge systems require scalable, reliable performance
  • Use cases for Intel® Xeon® D processor-enabled COM-HPC modules

Solution Brief Overview

The COM-HPC® Server Module COMh-sdID based on the Intel® Xeon® D-2800 processor, along with the COMh-sdIL featuring the Intel® Xeon® D-1800 processor offer application developers impeccable scalability and flexibility for high-end edge computing. For applications with less power requirements and space limitations Kontron offers the low core count COM-HPC server module: COMh-sdIL.

In the Intel Solution Brief you will get the following insights:

  • Technical details about the Intel® Xeon® D-2800 and D 1800 processor
  • Support for high-bandwidth networks and peripherals
  • Server-level performance for ruggedized system design
  • Robust support for AI
  • Built-in security capabilities for the edge
  • Remote management capabilities

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