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The Business Value of Application Workflow Orchestration with Control-M by BMC

Many applications are built from highly distributed components and integrations deployed across multiple operating environments that span on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, and multicloud.
Successful execution requires navigating application workflows to ensure efficiency, eliability, and speed for development, deployment, and operations teams. In such a scenario, application workflow automation is rapidly growing in importance to deliver efficient, cost-effective business services. Control-M from BMC is designed to simplify application workflow orchestration and workload automation. Control-M has a long history as an enterprise-grade automation solution, with major presence in the IT automation market.
IDC spoke with organizations using Control-M to understand its impact on their IT teams, development activities, and business operations. Interviewed BMC customers reported vast improvements in their ability to manage and support workflows across significant and diverse application environments.
IDC projects that interviewed organizations will achieve benefits with Control-M worth an average of $10.38 million per organization per year.

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