Securing Your Data on Cloud with AlienVault USM or OpenDNS Umbrella or Netskope


Cloud Security software is used for multifunction purposes to protect the internal data, access to the data and network for the transfer data between the user and the cloud. Companies are on the lookout for the tools to enforce the policies that can lead to better access management and protection of data in the cloud and transferred data. Many cloud security products provide encryption and data loss prevention to secure data stored within the cloud applications. Cloud security solutions function on similar lines as secured web gateways and secured email gateways but serve to secure the entire applications rather than web browsers or email documents.

Every cloud security providers should qualify certain terms like:

1. Encryption of data and documents stored on the cloud.

2. Layers of security protection for data stored on a public cloud.

3. Easy monitoring of access point to check unrestricted access.

4. Securing cloud applications.

5. Policies for cloud governance

Let’s discuss the different cloud security software’s and suit organizational requirements in securing the data:

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM)

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) is used for cloud threat detection, incident response and policy management across the cloud. AlienVault USM has different types of products available based on the requirements of the organizations- USM Anywhere, USM for MSSPs, and Managed Security Services powered by USM. USM Anywhere is specifically designed for cloud and its applications, USM for MSSPs and Managed Security Services powered by USM is for secured networks. The USM Anywhere platform is cost-effective, speedy deployment and simple to manage. It significantly reduces the cost and delays caused due to on-site installation, management, and hardware maintenance.

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere is an all-in-one security management software based on SaaS technology. The SaaS security management platform converges and reduces threat with detection, incident response and compliance management across cloud and on-premises servers. Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere stands by its name- asset finding, risk assessment, intrusion detection (network, host, and cloud), response to risk, risk management and reporting can be done through a unified platform. USM provides the IT admin with actionable insights for risk response.  It helps organizations to skip the process of purchase, integrate, and manage multiple security products.

Key Features:

USM Anywhere provides the following security features that act as important touch points for the organizations to manage their cloud security

1. Vulnerability Assessment: Scanning live network and risk assessment monitoring.

2. Asset Discovery: Built-in active and passive network discovery, infrastructure inventory and software inventory.

3. Behavior monitoring: Monitoring the behavior of users across the infrastructure- on-premises network, and cloud assets.

4. SIEM or Cloud management: Event Correlation, analysis, and reporting.

5. Threat Detection: Cloud IDS (AWS IDS, Azure IDS), Host IDS (HIDS), Network IDS (NIDS) and file integrity monitoring.

6. Incident Response: Policies for risk containment and mitigation.

7. Compliance Reporting: Customized reports according to the policies and compliance according to the requirements.

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) is a good fit for all organizations of any size without straining security teams and cost. USM provides an easy solution and cost-effective solutions to eliminate multiple products that need to be integrated.

Open DNS Umbrella

Open DNS Umbrella is a security product developed by Cisco and is a combination of features of Umbrella and OpenDNS. Cisco brought OpenDNS for $ 635 million in cash in 2015, OpenDNS was an Internet Security Service provider preventing users from connecting to dangerous IP addresses that are associated with malicious links and downloads. Cisco Open DNS Umbrella provides the security needed to protect users across all devices connected to the organization’s network and remote users accessing the organization’s network. The combination of umbrella and Cisco Cloudlock’s helps the organization identify SaaS apps can be used to implement the policies. Stop an attack even before the actual launch of the attack. Umbrella solves more than 100 billion internet requests every day by analyzing live data of over more than 11 billion historical events. The insights help in detecting the threats and block them.

Organizations that are currently using Cisco security tools are also leveraging the machine learning to uncover the known and emerging threats. Block all the connection to threats at the DNS and IP layer. Using Cisco open DNS umbrella organizations can integrate the existing system, security appliances, cloud and lets the security to be extended for locations and devices beyond the perimeter. Umbrella is a cloud-delivered internet gateway that shields all ports and devices over current and future threats. It’s a cloud-based security service so no hardware or no software is required.

Netskope Security

The patented cloud XD technology eliminates the security leak points by going deeper than other security providers. It has the ability to quickly target malicious links or websites and control the activities across thousands of cloud services. Netskope Security cloud protects its users for every type of threat both common and advanced. Netskope cover thousands of cloud services through published cloud APIs or through inline decoding. Netskope security covers all kinds of devices connected to the organization’s cloud and works on all kinds of technology. Netskope is like having a comprehensive cloud DLP that can cover all the cloud traffic coming in from mobile apps, clients, and native apps to all off-premises devices allowing you to inspect all the traffic for violations.

Using the patented technology the user can view the real-time activity on the cloud this includes devices, location, date, time and content. The user can also control the activities of the visitor, such as share, approve, edit, download, and many more services can be included. Netskope believes in providing end to end security that means implementing cloud security throughout the globe with any number of users. Netskope would not in any interfere with user experience or the functioning of the cloud. Enterprises all over the world are accepting cloud as secured technology and uploading sensitive business data. This has resulted in regulations being implemented for data security and protecting the user data on the cloud. Cloud Security is imperative for more cloud adoption.


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