How are Cloud Services Defining Business Growth?


Flexibility and affordability are some of the primary reasons that businesses are moving toward a secured as-a-service platform. The challenge still lies with connectivity. But with networking solutions that can handle enormous databases and users, it’s empowering the businesses to bring innovation in usage and connectivity. A recent survey sponsored by Hewlett-Packard enterprise released this week at a conference in Munich stated that there are a whopping 87% of IT Decision-Makers (ITDMs) that have started implementing as-a-service solutions or have already completed the process. The shift of the decision-makers from the on-premise solution to cloud solutions is making them explore several new opportunities.

However, with adoption came newer and better challenges. According to HPE’s “2019 as-a-service: Driving Change Report,” about 71% of the decision-makers are concerned about keeping up with the changing landscape. The report had surveyed about 1,000 ITDMs for businesses of all sizes from 50 to 10,000 employees across various regions—the US, Germany, and the UK. Businesses need to explore future opportunities and impact as-a-service (aaS) consumption models.

Phil Davis, President of Hybrid IT for HPE, stated in a media advisory that the survey clearly tells that businesses view as-a-Service (aaS) as the future. But such businesses are also looking for a new and better approach to bring a more consistent cloud experience across different domains such as public, private, and edge. 

Things businesses should know before adopting as-a-service solution,

1. Adoption of as-a-Service

Executives are shifting their focus to bring more innovation toward modernizing IT to support future business growth and provide a competitive advantage. aaS solutions will form one of the most imperative business aspects, with 58% of executives viewing it as a future growth opportunity, competitiveness for 55%, and growth of 53%. Further, 75% of all ITDMs surveyed are expecting their organizations to move toward the complete adoption of aaS solutions in less than 5 years.

2. Data unification

Nearly 75% of the ITDMs said that their data is between the public and private cloud. Approximately 77% view this as a major challenge for business growth, while 66% have stated that their data migration to the public cloud is currently stalled. A data silo is a big hurdle for business flexibility with the condition of data sprawl eating off the revenue.

3. Fearful about job loss

aaS is still in its budding stage of development and usage, making many of the mid-level engineers fearful about their current position. Currently, 23% (age group of 55 and older) and 60% (22–34 years age group) of the ITDMs are concerned with aaS adoption. The reskilling and definition based on aaS will be the next stage of cloud services that need to be implemented.

4. aaS enables improved career growth

Though a section of responders has been fearful, there have been many who have shown that a positive outlook can change the complete perspective of approaching aaS. About 87% of all the respondents agree that aaS adoption will help them in advancing their career and also support in shifting their roles, which is monotonous, to more strategic roles.  


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