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EA Elektro-Automatik’s Future-Proof Battery Cycler and Test System Adapts to Evolving EV Battery Technologies

  • Versatile EA-BCTS 10300 Battery Cycling and Test System
  • EA-BCTS 10300 Versus Typical Battery Cycling and Test System
  • Components of the EA BCTS 10300 System
  • Comprehensive Approach to Battery Cycling and Testing

White Paper Overview 

A recent study by the International Energy Agency projects that electric vehicles will account for 30% of global vehicle sales by 2030. As a result, automotive test systems must have the versatility to support these emerging technologies as well as the current state of battery technology. This white paper describes the features and functions of EA Elektro-Automatik’s truly future-proof battery cycling and test system, the EA-BCTS 10300, which has the ability to adapt to the newest battery innovations being developed for EVs.

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