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Benefits of Connecting DC Programmable Power Supplies in Series or Parallel

  • Connecting DC Programmable Power Supplies in Series
  • Electronic Vehicles: Paralleling Application Examples
  • DC Programmable Power Supplies that Provide a Variety of Output DC Voltages
  • EA Power Control Software
  • Connecting Power Supplies in Parallel Operation

Application Note 

A power supply is an essential device that converts electric power from a source like the utility grid to the required voltage, current, and frequency for various loads such as computers and appliances. Some applications demand more power than a single unit can provide, necessitating the use of multiple power supplies connected in series or parallel to meet higher voltage or current requirements. For instance, in electric vehicles (EVs), higher battery voltages lead to increased efficiency and faster charging. Find out how you can master the ever-increasing requirements and ensure safety, efficiency and correct power distribution. Additionally, learn how advanced features enable effective management and control of multiple power supply units.

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