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Analyzing Power Designs for High-Speed SoCs with Multi-Phase Buck Converters

Webinar Overview 

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on power electronics design and test.

In particular, we will be talking about high-speed multi-phase buck converter SoC design, performance, and validation.

We will start with an introduction in industry trends and demands for power consumption, management and delivery. Big data, vehicle architecture, autonomous driving, digital and analog chip integration, network infrastructure and A&D applications are driving challenges such as managing lower voltages, higher currents, faster switching times and more. We will be discussing the operational priciples and the benefits multi-phase buck converter designs deliver. Reduction in voltage ripple, improved efficiency with high currents and across various load ranges, accelerated load transient response times, and more make multi-phase buck converters an excellent fit for SoC power designs.

You will learn implementations and performance requirements by reference to a core supply for an ADAS ECU. We will be demonstrating measurements with the new 8-channel oscilloscope R&S®MXO 5 and illustrating multi-phase buck converter design validation made easy and reliable.

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